The term “Karmic Healing” isn’t actually accurate. Karma cannot be healed as such. The “healing” comes from releasing blocked power, old patterns and allowing soul energy to flow through your purpose in life by working creatively with the energy.


Our Wounds

We have 3 types of wounds, which all of us experience in some degree or other in our lives . . . [read more here]

The “wounds” that come from the limits of our parents . . .

The “wounds” of our cultural, or society, conditioning . . .

The “wounds” of our ancient chaos, our psychic inheritance, our Karma.


How do I know it’s Karma?

. . . you may be encountering blocks; often you experience psychic weakness – this comes from ancient chaos; it can be experienced as extreme panic or terror in some life situations – a dread coming on suddenly: this usually indicates a pattern of loss of power which did not arise in this lifetime, resulting in paranoia at times in the here and now.

Karmic Healing with Susan

With Karmic Healing, Susan Ni Rahilly takes private clients through an intense process which actually begins prior to the first session: with audio-guided meditations by download, your own personal preparation and contemplation. Usually 1 or 2 sessions are all that is needed to set the individual on the road to working powerfully with Karma, creatively in their life. Sessions are usually a minimum of one and a half hours and quiet time and rest are recommended following the session.


Session fees are currently €100 [Euro] for the initial session, concessions are available 

Sessions are offered by Skype/Google Hangout

There is individual preparation prior to the first session

Catch-ups/follow-ups by Skype can be negotiated should you wish to keep in touch at regular intervals.

Susan lives and works in West Cork, Ireland, currently

The First Breath is an intensive healing session for people experiencing

extreme or dramatic life events, and with some experience of

mindbody practice and/or breathwork . . .  [more here]

Booking Procedure

First: Email Susan at to book your first session.

Second: Make your payment/payments by the method we agree: Paypal, Bank transfer etc.

Third: Susan will email you download links for preparatory guided meditations, contemplation and guidance for your personal practice. You will need to provide a few personal details: birth date/time and location – this is to give you an understanding of the positivity and powerfully beneficial path forward for you in healing your life.


You are probably part of a return to our world/humanity Spiritual Heritage. And if we all do it gladly and willingly, then the Blessings will come!

Further contact details are below.


” . . . We also learn, that in healing our lives willingly in this way, we are actually and in essence, willingly being moved onto a path with a divine, higher intention – and here lie our blessings. Once we understand how to work creatively with our soul power, we experience flow, blessings, opportunity – and we learn that to do this, we have to learn detachment: the “healing” is what you HAVE to do, often through necessity brought about by life circumstances . . . we learn to do this through experiencing unexplainable patterns of loss, failures, crises . . . “ says Susan