Abstract Pranayama

The First Breath intensive session

The First Breath is an intensive healing session. This is for those of us with some experience of Mindbody practices including breathwork.

This technique is for those of you who experience extreme or dramatic life events symptomatic of powerful Karmic forces at work in your life today.

It is an intensive session taking you back to birth and the first breath you took in this life and the information it holds for your healing: enabling you to work with Karma and recognising Soul or Divine forces in your life. We aim to go beyond perceived limitations for our own life and future.

Session fee €120

up to one and a half hours

by Skype/Google Hangout

with free online support from Susan’s meditation classes

Booking Procedure

First: Email Susan at susan.suzenyoga@gmail.com to book your session.

Second: Make your payment/payments by the method we agree: Paypal, Bank transfer etc.

Third: Susan will email you download links for preparatory guided meditations, contemplation and guidance for your personal practice. You will need to provide a few personal details: birth date/time and location – this is to give you an understanding of the positivity and powerfully beneficial path forward for you in healing your life.

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