Susan Ni Rahilly has reached an interesting point in her life now that she’s in her ‘sixties, as a Yoga and Meditation teacher and author, she considers herself “trans-genre”.

As a twice published author, Meditation and Hatha Yoga Teacher, Zen teacher, and teacher and trainer of Hatha Yoga and Meditation Teachers, she is the founder of, “Spirituality, Understanding, Zen, Energy and Nutrition through dedication to Yoga practice.” Susan says she has “come to terms with being a story-telling wellbeing teacher and practitioner”.

Having been formerly a freelance Journalist and Vegetarian Chef, her insights into writing about health and wellbeing from the Yogic perspective are from personal experience. She was a regular contributor to, Featured Writer and Mentor for OMTimes Magazine ( as well as contributing to Espanol OM Times, and she contributes to Times of India Times Wellness and Speaking Tree Sunday Spiritual National Newspaper and also their global online community website to which she was invited to contribute as a Master.

Susan’s Meet The Teacher Video is here.